About Us


M.A. English Literatures


B.A. Philosophy/English

We’re two students at Humboldt University in Berlin. Andr√© is studying Philosophy and English, and Konstantin is studying English Literatures. The motivation behind this project is a simple one: students shouldn’t be afraid of developing and writing about their own ideas! We think it’s essential that students have the opportunity to engage with and build on the concepts, theories, and texts they encounter during their studies as soon as possible. Students may not be academics (yet), but writing and discussion skills are invaluable assets at any point in life and contribute to a successful learning experience.

In late 2020, we created a reading and discussion group on literary theory. This group inspired us to collect and provide resources for other students who are interested in or daunted by the prospect of writing texts related to their studies. We also wanted to create a showcase to present projects students from universities and degree programmes all over Berlin have completed. No matter if you haven’t written anything in your life or are about to finish your tenth term paper, if you’re an Ersti or in your 30th semester – this website is for you!